Why tissue face masks are the best to hydrate your skin

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The Korean cosmetics has conquered our hearts (and our beauty routines) combining natural ingredients with advanced technology and flirtatious presented in colorful packaging. We fall in love with her wonderful porcelain skin and we want to try her beauty routines to achieve velvet skin. One of its secrets is the highly moisturizing tissue masks, also known as “second skin effect masks” for their flexibility and incredible adaptation to the face.

What are tissue facial masks?

Facial masks in tissue or tissue format are composed of a biocellulose that favors the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin, achieving high hydration instantly. The tissue masks are impregnated in serums with specific natural ingredients that keep the mask moist for a longer time to allow the skin to soak up its properties to the full. Its fabric is flexible and adapts perfectly to the skin of the face and neck, it also has a pleasant touch!

What are the benefits of tissue facial masks

They adapt to all skin types . Each type of skin needs

specific care and tissue facial masks contain essential properties that adapt to them, both for dry , combination or oily skin .

There is a mask for every need . Cleansing masks to remove impurities, brightening for dull skin, anti-aging masks for mature skin, etc.

Provides high hydration. The cellulose in these masks helps to penetrate the moisturizing principles into the skin and prevents transdermal loss of the skin, thus deeply hydrating.

Results instantly! A great advantage of tissue face masks is that the effect is noticeable instantly, when removing the mask from the face. Repairs and rejuvenates the skin in 15-20 minutes.

A tissue mask for every need

Tissue masks or veil or second skin effect masks come from the East to change our lives and respond to all our needs. These are some of them!

Cleansing and exfoliating masks. Even if you don’t wear makeup, daily facial cleansing is something you shouldn’t skip for a flawless complexion. Additionally, applying a cleansing or exfoliating mask weekly will help complete that routine and cleanse your pores and skin of toxins.

Moisturizing masks. For dry or lacking hydration skin, nourishing facial masks will bring them back to life. Try a face mask with hydrating ingredients like aloe vera or hyaluronic acid .

Firming masks. For mature skin, firming masks are key to preventing sagging, improving hydration and firmness, and improving skin tone. You will notice a lifting effect at the moment! Choose a firming face and neck mask with collagen and hyaluronic acid .

Illuminating masks. For dehydrated or dull skin, illuminating masks are the allies to restore light to your skin. Try a facemask tissue enriched with vitamin C antioxidant .

How to use tissue face masks

At what time of the day to apply the facial tissue mask?

At night since it is the moment when the cell regeneration process begins. That is why the mask will be more effective if it is applied after 20-21 hours.

How to apply and how long to leave the facial tissue mask?

After washing your face, apply the toner and put on the face mask. Keep in mind that if it is a cleansing mask, it will be applied before the toner. Leave on for 15-20 minutes , as indicated by the product. Remove the face mask and massage the excess serum so that it penetrates the skin better. Do not rinse with water.

How often to use a tissue facial mask?

Once a week. Choose a weekly day that you have a quiet afternoon to make time for yourself. For example, on Sundays create a relaxing routine to put on a face mask while you watch TV or read a book.


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