How to do gel nails at home (all you need)

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What are gel nails?

Gel nails are achieved by applying several layers of special acrylic gel polish. For greater resistance and durability, a triple layer of gels (base gel, enamel and fixative) is applied and dried with an ultraviolet lamp.

There are also triphasic gels that act like three in one and, in this case, the same product is applied three times on the nails.

How long do gel nails last?

Gel nails can last 2 weeks , but if you fill them in every so often you could even extend their life up to 2-3 months.

The filler gel nails done when you begin to see the natural nail between the cuticle and the sculptured nail, that is, more or less, every 2 weeks. The procedure consists of preparing the nails by removing the cuticles and filing along the nail and also the union between the natural nail and the gel, and then applying the gel polish.

A trick to make gel nails last longer : To protect the manicure and make it last longer, you can apply a layer of transparent polish on the nails weekly. It also helps to choose light shades, so if the enamel deteriorates or with the natural growth of the nail, the contrast will be less noticeable.

What is the difference between gel nails and
acrylic nails?

The acrylic nails are extensions that are placed on the natural nail (perfect if you have a short or you want the bite and a long nail) and can last up to 6 months if regularly filled every 2 weeks. Therefore, they last longer than gel nails.

How to do the nail gel polish?

You can do the gel nails yourself at home. You just need to get the right products and the necessary material, as well as follow some tips to apply the nail polish carefully and correctly.

Before applying the gel polish it is important to prepare your nails to help them adhere better. To do this, clean your hands and nails carefully with a cleanser, gently remove the cuticles and shape them with a file.

– Apply a coat of base gel and dry the nails with
the LED / LED lamp.

– Apply 3 thin coats of colored polish, letting the nails dry between coats with the LED / LED lamp.

– Seal the paint with a layer of glitter and let it dry with the LED / LED lamp. With which, the nails remain shinier and would last longer.

– Use the cleanser to remove sticky residue and achieve an ultra-shiny finish

How to remove nail gel polish?

– Clean hands and nails. Remove the shine carefully with a file.

– Apply acetone on a cotton ball, put it on each nail and wrap with aluminum foil.

– Wait 20-30 minutes.

– Remove the aluminum foil and cotton, and remove the remains with an orange stick.

Kit to make gel nails at home (the best seller)

To do your semi-permanent gel nails at home you will need a specific gel polish kit and LED lamp / to dry the gel layers, in addition to the classic nail file, cuticle remover and the basic accessories of any manicure.

What does the best selling gel nail kit include? Everything you need! Perfect for beginners:

High quality semi-permanent gels: base, enamel and top coat. With non-toxic resin. They promise to keep nails flawless and flexible, without splitting or flaking. Resistant, flexible and durable colors, offer a duration of 10-14 days. What shades triumph? The 001 color range is the best-seller, combining pink, white and gray with glitter and glitter.

LED / UV lamp . You can dry gel polishes of all brands. With a power of 24w and a timer of 30 and 60 seconds.

Manicure accessories : Files, cutter, cuticle remover, nail stencils or tips, toe separator …

Go ahead and do your gel nails at home! Resistant and bright, they are pure trend.


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